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Assessment FAQ'S

Q: What happens during a consultation?

A: This is a meeting that allows us to focus on you and your goals, discuss options that will move your career forward, and explain how we help. 

Q: What should I bring to the consultation?

A: If you have an in-person consultation, bring any relevant materials that showcase what you've been doing you can also show everything electronically for an in-person and phone consultation by filling out the appropriate form under the form tab. Some clients come with their managers, spouse, or individuals who are supporting their careers.

Q: How do you help independent artists?

A: Heavy Enterprise, LLC bridges the gap between independent artists and the industry elites. We provide everything an artist needs in one location to provide, create, market, and distribute their music. Under the Heavy Enterprise umbrella, you will have a professional team working around you and your brand. 

Q: When can I schedule to meet with your company?

A: When you click on the schedule tab and follow the prompts you will see the available dates, times, and locations. 

Q: When I set up a consultation will someone call me?

A: No, when you schedule a phone consultation you are required to call in at the time you schedule. 

Q: I live out of state, can you still work with me?

Q: I live out of state, can you still work with me?

A: Yes, we work with many clients across the country.

Q: Is the Artist Assessment form required to schedule a consultation? 

A: No, it only gives us information we need to get familiar with you so when we meet we have all we need to assist you. 

Q: Can i email my music directly?

A: No, we only allow music to be submitted through the wanted forms under our form tab.

Q: Do you work with artists outside of the U.S.?

A: Yes, when filling out the form put as much information as allowed and use the comment section to add any additional information such as region and address. You may put N/A in the spaces that does not apply to you.

Q: How much does your service cost?

A: Once you let us know a price pint that is comfortable for you, we create a game plan to accommodate all that you need within that range. 

Q: What happens if I miss my consultation?

A: We do offer a one-time complementary reschedule for miss consultations within 30 days of your missed consultation. Please call the number you were instructed to call on your confirmation email to get reschedule. 

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