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CEO of HEAVY ENTERPRISE LLC has made a name for himself in the music industry as a force to be reckoned with. Under his leadership, the company has overseen the release of a number of hit songs and albums and continues to work towards getting the music of talented creatives the exposure it deserves.


With a keen ear for up-and-coming artists and a passion for promoting the music we believe in,  We established HEAVY Enterprise Distribution as a go-to destination for fans looking for the latest and greatest in the industry. Whether it's a new single, EP, or full-length album, the excitement and anticipation surrounding each release from the company is palpable.

Fans can look forward to a steady stream of new music from HEAVY Enterprise Distribution, as the company continues to work with some of the most talented musicians in the industry. From indie darlings to chart-topping superstars,




HEAVY Enterprise Distribution

is dedicated to bringing the best of the best to music lovers everywhere.

With Eddie Hustle at the helm, the future looks bright for HEAVY Enterprise Distribution and the artists it represents. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases and lock in to find out more about what the company has in store.

HEAVY is constantly releasing new music into the world. As a top Record Company, we have had the opportunity to work with immensely talented musicians, helping them record and release their music. Here you’ll be able to check out the label’s latest albums and single releases. 

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" Zion De'joure"

Official Lyric Video

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